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Like a 5th grade science experiment gone awry - put Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Russ Meyer, Bob Barker & a polka band in a plane then crash it into a brewery ... Bondo is what rises from the wreckage.

Summer of '97 ... Roscoe Village in Chicago ... a group of friends got together to mess around on a bunch of different instruments, drink some beer & have some fun. 7 months later we recorded a cd called 'Fistful of Biscuits' with Johnny K. at Groovemaster studio.

Our first show was at "The Damen" in Roscoe Village and was a rowdy 5 song set that featured the original line-up. Over the years members changed but the focus on fun remained the same. We even had some guest players who showed up every once in a while. Anyhow - we played places like Big Horse, Beat Kitchen, Morseland, The Gallery (in Normal IL), Lincoln Square Lanes, The Note, Mutiny, O'Malleys, Lounge Ax & Double Door. The shows were more of an event ... circus style ... with prizes for the audience. The key was having fun.

bondo fuck you im drunk